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How Inkdrop helps their productivities.

Reilly Chase

I just wanted to be able to sync notes from my iPhone to my Windows laptop. Organizing them with labels, notebooks, markdown, and supporting a fellow indie developer were all a bonus. I love Inkdrop and use it every day. Highly recommend!


I use Inkdrop mainly for professional purposes. My requirements are met at 100%: pure Markdown syntax/content, good structure for content organiziation (nested categories and Tags), strong search function and local backup in readable data-format. Last but not least the UI looks good.

Philip Poots
VP of Engineering

Inkdrop is the perfect tool for offline Markdown editing.

Ben Samuel

I tried a number of apps; taking notes is so specific to the writer. Inkdrop started off with a smart design, but Takuya is also dialed in to his users' needs so I've got confidence going forward.


Inkdrop is the tool I use to keep track of nearly all aspects of my personal and professional life. I’ve tried many other note-taking apps over the years, this is the first one that’s stuck. Great performance and syncs across all devices seamlessly.

B Bascary

Well designed and efficient, the best note taking application I found over the time. Themes are convenient, tags and notebooks have become a must for me, and sync is working smoothly between windows, linux and my smartphone. Inkdrop has really become my personal notebook.

Ben Holub

This app is amazing. I was previously trying to use a convoluted sublime text + git method, only to find that this app had ALL of the functionality I was looking for... plus mobile!

Roberto Marra
Exovoid sàrl

Former user of Evernote for years, I searched for a long time an application with a standard data format, which is fast, multiplatform (Linux), with a sense of aesthetics, Inkdrop is all that. Reliable app, I use it every day.

Julio Venegas
Data Analyst

I was looking for a note-taking tool in Markdown that nails the basics for a professional setting (clean interface, support for code snippets, export of .md files) and Inkdrop covers everything. The tool of course has some issues but it is continuously being improved, and I will definitely support the project in the long-run. Can only recommend!

Artem B.

Simple, powerful, and works seamlessly across all my platforms and devices.

Alfredo Fialho
Computer Scientist

Finally an app able to meet my needs as a developer. Simple, efficient, and dot!

James Lilliott

Fast, intuitive, & customisable, combined with frequent updates & a developer that listens. Theses are the reasons Inkdrop is one of my most used applications for personal & professional use.

Pavel Tishkov

The application is simple and functional. I use it every day to structure my knowledge.

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