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How Inkdrop helps their productivities.
Julio Venegas
Data Analyst

I was looking for a note-taking tool in Markdown that nails the basics for a professional setting (clean interface, support for code snippets, export of .md files) and Inkdrop covers everything. The tool of course has some issues but it is continuously being improved, and I will definitely support the project in the long-run. Can only recommend!

B Bascary

Well designed and efficient, the best note taking application I found over the time. Themes are convenient, tags and notebooks have become a must for me, and sync is working smoothly between windows, linux and my smartphone. Inkdrop has really become my personal notebook.

Ben Samuel

I tried a number of apps; taking notes is so specific to the writer. Inkdrop started off with a smart design, but Takuya is also dialed in to his users' needs so I've got confidence going forward.

Julián David Reales de la Ossa

It has helped me improve my note-taking process, it's interesting what can be improved with an application like this. Being made by a developer for developers makes it adapt to the needs. Thank you.

Pavel Tishkov

The application is simple and functional. I use it every day to structure my knowledge.

Ben Holub

This app is amazing. I was previously trying to use a convoluted sublime text + git method, only to find that this app had ALL of the functionality I was looking for... plus mobile!

Reilly Chase

I just wanted to be able to sync notes from my iPhone to my Windows laptop. Organizing them with labels, notebooks, markdown, and supporting a fellow indie developer were all a bonus. I love Inkdrop and use it every day. Highly recommend!


I use Inkdrop mainly for professional purposes. My requirements are met at 100%: pure Markdown syntax/content, good structure for content organiziation (nested categories and Tags), strong search function and local backup in readable data-format. Last but not least the UI looks good.

Roberto Marra
Exovoid sàrl

Former user of Evernote for years, I searched for a long time an application with a standard data format, which is fast, multiplatform (Linux), with a sense of aesthetics, Inkdrop is all that. Reliable app, I use it every day.

Guilherme Cardoso de Almeida

This app has helped me a lot in my jobs party time! it's simple and complete for me ;)

Ramon Saraiva
Software Engineering Manager

Note-taking is such a personal task and every individual does it in its own style. Markdown, vim-mode and multiplatform support are natural requirements for me. Inkdrop covers it all! I use it every day to structure professional and personal notes. The open source community and plugins are also amazing. Strongly recommend!

James Lilliott

Fast, intuitive, & customisable, combined with frequent updates & a developer that listens. Theses are the reasons Inkdrop is one of my most used applications for personal & professional use.

Reedam Ranjan

First of all Takuya love from India & thank you so much for inspiring so many developers like me who love the kind of content you create and secondly I used Inkdrop as my daily driver for tech notes, its works flawlessly, there are some instances when something breaks but thanks to Inkdrop support for solving all the queries, Overall its a great productivity tool for any developer who wants to keep track of stuff happening , documenting a project and also Inkdrop provide seamless access across all devices which is a great feature as one can take notes whenever and wherever he is! Thanks for this hope to meet you someday ❤️

Artem B.

Simple, powerful, and works seamlessly across all my platforms and devices.

Alfredo Fialho
Computer Scientist

Finally an app able to meet my needs as a developer. Simple, efficient, and dot!

Philip Poots
VP of Engineering

Inkdrop is the perfect tool for offline Markdown editing.


Inkdrop is the tool I use to keep track of nearly all aspects of my personal and professional life. I’ve tried many other note-taking apps over the years, this is the first one that’s stuck. Great performance and syncs across all devices seamlessly.

Yu Okudera

Customizable Great UI, Powerful, and Seamless working on multiple devices. Inkdrop is the kind of "buddy" for me.

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