Organizing your tech notes made simple.

With 100+ plugins, cross-platform and encrypted data sync support

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Solely designed for Markdown to improve your dev workflow

Get a low-friction personal note-taking workflow and accomplish more. With your notes well-organized effortlessly, you can stay focused on doing your best work.

Versatile Markdown editor

A versatile Markdown editor

It comes with multi-language code highlighting, multi-cursors, line numbers, scrolling beyond the last line, showing invisible characters and more.

Focus on the work that matters

An intuitive and clean user interface and 'Distraction free mode' don't distract you from the text.

Stay organized, find quickly

Stay organized, find quickly

With nestable notebooks, pin-to-top, tags and workspace view, it allows you to flexibly organize your notes.

Get things done

Get things done

Track your work progress with note status and task progress view in the note list.

Share your work quickly with people

Share your work quickly with people

Your notes can be shared on the web with a public link. It also supports exporting as HTML, PDF and Markdown file format.

Never lose your ideas

Never lose your ideas

Whenever, even while in offline, you can read and write notes. Just open up the app, then it will be instantly ready for you to start jotting down before you forget the idea.

Work with developer-focused features

With its high customizability, extensibility and 100+ plugins, it will stick with your workflow and improve your productivity.

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Make it your notebook

Pick your favorite look and feel from the themes. You can also tweak your UI with CSS/Less to make it more comfortable for your jottings.

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How to tweak styles 

Do even more with Markdown

Not only GitHub-flavored Markdown, an extensible Markdown renderer can support various flavors such as math (KaTeX), flowchart, mermaid, sequence diagrams, toc, and more.

How to install plugins 

Type fluently in your way

Keymaps are flexibly customizable to fit your typing style. VimEmacs, and Sublime Text key bindings are also available to choose for wizards.

How to customize keybindings 

Clip web pages as Markdown

The browser extensions for Google Chrome  and Firefox let you grab the web page's main article or selection to store knowledge from the internet.

How to set up web clipper 

At work, at home, and everywhere in between

Have it everywhere, securely

Capture a note once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. It syncs data securely with end-to-end encryption.

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Never lose your work

Accidentally deleted lines? You can restore them from the revision history. A seamless backup keeps your notes safely stored in your local filesystem.

Optional self-hosted database

If you don't trust anyone with your data, you can set up your own CouchDB server to store your data instead of the Inkdrop server.

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Who is making Inkdrop?

It is developed by an indie developer, Takuya Matsuyama, based in Japan.